Monday, September 9, 2013

Card Of The Week - Center Step Card

This weeks card of the week features a "Thank You" card I made last week.

The design is called a "Center Step Card". It's actually quite simple. I made a little template, which shows you where you have to fold and cut the paper. 

If you have a Silhoutte machine, it's even easier to make this card, since they have cutting file for this card, which means that no cutting and scoring is necessary from your side. 
The "Thank You" phrase is also a Silhoutte cutting file, which makes this card a project you can create in no time.

The image of my card is a stamp from "Lily Of The Valley" (
I just adore their stamps! 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tea-light Card - Tutorial

This weeks card of the week features one of my favorite card designs. 
I usually put 4 scented candles in the gift compartment of the card, but it's also a great place for candies, hot chocolate mixes and any other kind of small gifts.




Template 1 (box and bookmark holder). The green lines need to be scored.

 Template 2: (deco element) You can use any kind of solid or patterned paper.

Template 3: (bookmark) Use any kind of card stock for this

Step 1:

Cut out "Template 1" and score along the green lines.

Step 2:

Cut out "Template 2"

Step 3:

Flip "Template 1" around and use adhesive to attach "Template 2" to it.

After that step your card should look like this:

Step 4:

Flip your card around again and add adhesive (I used a tape runner for the straight lines and glue dots for the corner) to the latches (hatched with white lines in my images), the back side of the very left lid and to the areas marked with white crosses.

Step 5:

Fold over the right side of the card.

Step 6:

Fold the left side of the card over and attache the very left lid (the one with the glue on the back side) to the base of the card so that a "tunnel"appears.

Step 7: 

Close lid on bottom of the "tunnel".

Step 8:

Fill "box" (I used 2 tea-lights with pumpkin scent and some candy corn, which I put in a plastic bag).

Step 9:

Cut out "Template 3" and cut a small opening on top of the book mark. This slit should be big enough, so that you can pull through a ribbon later on.

Step 10:

Decorate the bookmark.

Step 11:

Slide bookmark into compartment.

Step 12:

Decorate the card.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Paper Bag Mini Album/ Card

I was asked today if you could join my paper-bag mini album class, even if you don't like to scrapbook.
Of course you can!
Here are some pictures of the mini album/ card I made for Christmas. Instead of sending Christmas cards, I sometimes send out mini albums containing some of my favorites cookie recipes.

Front page: There is an opening in the side of the first page, which holds a tag, on which you can write your message.

Front page close up:

 Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 1+2: