Sunday, October 6, 2013

Explosion Box Tutorial (w/ Template)

Well Christmas is sneaking up on us sooner or later, so I have decided to get started with my Christmas projects for this year.

This weeks project features an "Explosion Box". 
This easy to make project is perfect as a special card for nearly any occasion (Birthday, Christmas, Thank you...).

I love to include LED tea-lights for the special "wow" effect. These tea-lights burn usually up to 120 hours, so I make sure that I start the light just before I give the box away, to ensure that the light is still on, when the box gets opened.


- cardstock 
- patterned paper
- tape runner
- glue dots
- embellishments 
- LED tea-light (optional)



Step 1:
Draw the box and the lid according to the template on card stock  Cut out both pieces and score the lines marked in green on the template.

Step 2:
Add a glue dot or any other kind of strong adhesive on the marked latches of the box template. Then fold the sides to form the lid.

In the image I have marked the area for the glue with a cross "X".

That's how the finished lid should look like.

Step 3:
Use decorative paper or plain card stock and cut out 5 squares, slightly smaller than the panels of the boxes. I chose 2.5" X 2.5" for my squares and I also added decorative corners.

Then use the adhesive and add one of the squares to each of the boxes inside panels.

This step will give your box more stability.

Step 4: 
Decorate the panels (inside and outside), the tea-light (if applicable) and the center of the box as you like.

I used poinsettia die cuts, which I layers to create a 3D effect.

For the tea-light I used the same die cut pieces, I just cut the pedals apart and glued the around the light center.

I glued the green leave to the center of the box, which will be the base for my tea-light.

I added one layered poinsettia flower to each of the outside walls of the box and the lid. Afterwards I added 1 yellow rhinestone to the center of each flower.

And that's my finished box:

And here are a few more explosion boxes I made:

Winter Wonderland Explosion Box:

The box of in the center of the Explosion Box has a LED tea-light inside. That's how the box looks in the dark, with the tea-light turned on.

 Birthday Explosion Box:


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